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Columbia River Gorge Real Estate

Welcome to the Columbia Gorge and Hood River County- two of Oregon’s greatest treasures!  Come explore, learn and share this great place with us.  Whether you are just passing through, spending some time, or settling down- one thing is for sure, life is too short to pass up discovering this beautiful area!

The mighty Columbia River flows from the Columbia Icefields in the Canadian Rockies, through the valleys and Cascade Mountains.   Mount Hood, Mount Adams and Mount Saint Helens- “The Guardians of the Columbia” - crown this region from the high desert to the Willamette Valley.  Native American legends such as the story of Wy’East tell stories of the volcanoes when they were revered as Gods.  Steam plumes on Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens can still be seen. 

Today’s settlers and visitors are drawn to this area for the same reasons as the pioneers centuries ago.  Natural resources are abundant.  Fresh air, clean water, land, and opportunity fuel this area’s spirit, as restless as the wind.  The river and fertile soils have been the foundation of this economy, but the harnessing the wind for recreation and now, energy, have fueled a new age.    

Spend a little time here and it is likely you will want to spend more.  Investing in The Gorge offers possibilities for growth and discovery, only limited by your imagination.  A vibrant economy and active lifestyle create healthy attitudes and appreciation- tangible and intangible.   

Explore our website. Discover the opportunities.  Develop your plan and let us guide you to it!  Whether it is a home or just a special place to discover, our greatest pleasure is sharing this great part of the world!  Let this website be more than just a real estate resource for you.  Let it inspire you to know and ask for more.  Catch the wind and revel with the Great Spirit we call The Gorge!


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Oregon Realty Company
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